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Delbert’s Senior Portraits

Delbert is graduating this spring, and has a promising football career ahead of him. I love his style and confidence, and look forward to seeing him playing college ball before too long, and maybe pro football, too, if all works out as everyone hopes! He’s a talented guy in so many ways, and it was...

McKinsey’s Senior Portraits

Some favorites of McKinsey, one of our first seniors to photograph in 2016! It’s usually really miserable weather outside this time of year, but we’ve been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather for February. Was a perfect day for photographing McKinsey there at the Myriad Gardens in OKC.

Maggie’s Senior Portraits

I just LOVE these portraits from Maggie’s recent session, especially the black & white and “denim” split-tone ones. Thanks for being a good sport and even bending completely backwards for some great photos, Maggie! =)

Jake’s Senior Portraits

Here’s a handful of favorites from our recent senior portrait session with Jake! I really enjoyed getting to know Jake during our session. He’s super easy-going, a born athlete, with a good sense of humor, an awesome haircut, and a great natural smile. Thanks for making my job easy, Jake! =) I think this next one...

Trenton’s Senior Portraits

We recently photographed the Texas high school trombone champ, and even judging him solely on his instrument, you’d be impressed. He found a pristine, brand new King trombone for sale after being purchased and stored unused for decades. I loved the story, and really enjoyed photographing this rising star with a bright future in jazz. Let’s...

Kayla’s Senior Portraits

There’s just something romantic and magical about living out in the country. We’ve been looking for land and/or the perfect country home for years now, but alas, we still live in the ‘burbs. =) Someday!

In the mean time, we’ll enjoy the magic of photographing clients out at their country homes, and take in the peaceful surroundings that they have probably long grown accustomed to.

Kayla’s country home was another such bucolic estate, and I’m happy to share a few of our favorites from our hour in the country.

Twin Seniors: Anushka & Kieran

It’s not everyday we get to photograph twins, so it’s fun to be able to share a few favorites from Kieran & Anushka’s recent senior portrait session. Enjoy!  

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