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Here’s an ever-growing list of the other local businesses that we love to work with in case its helpful for you! It’s not an exhaustive list, by any means.

FraminGalleryLogo-300x71 Businesses we love Our Life

Framin’ Gallery – Once you have your beautiful prints in hand, where can you get them framed to equally match the beauty of the print? Our friends Kelly and Sherrye Van Osdol at Edmond’s Framin’ Gallery are there to help. Let them know that you’re a customer of ours for a special deal just for Prints Charming Photography customers!

logo Businesses we love Our Life

The Wings organization and event center in Edmond is such a beautiful place, inside and out. The staff there loving on adults with special needs and challenges, and a venue and grounds that are just perfect for after-hours events and weddings! There’s a beautiful pond out back, with a picture-perfect giant white gazebo and elegant patio lights stretched across the lush green lawns that make it a really beautiful place to photograph. Check out their website and go see it in person, too. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better cause to support.

prophotoblogs-logo-300x103 Businesses we love Our Life

ProPhoto blogs & websites– We’ve been using ProPhoto’s beautiful and functional wordpress templates for many years and love this innovative, responsive company. Use the affiliate* code CSAN2285 to save $10 on your next purchase of a beautiful new site template from them!

ThinkTankLogo-300x96 Businesses we love Our Life

Once you have some nice gear, it’s time to start thinking about how to actually protect it and take it with you in the most convenient and practical way possible. Back in 2008, I picked up a couple of the really amazing rolling cases at *Think Tank Photo — one for international travel, and one for domestic. They’re SO solid, I’m still using them and grateful every day for such a well-designed and well-built product! Added the memory card wallet and some other accessories over the years, too. I’ve told so many people about them, they’ve set me up with an affiliate* link, which you can use to get an even better deal than normal on their website, if you *click here, or on the company name or logo above. Or enter the affiliate code 1033834.aaf246 at checkout. The deal changes every so often, so check back if you like, and see how the offer changes. As I type this now, it’s free ground shipping on orders over $50, plus your choice of a free gift!

Airbnb_Logo_Belo.svg_-300x94 Businesses we love Our Life

The term “share economy” has been bounced around a lot and I’m here to tell you that I’m on board. Lyft, Uber and now *airbnb… I’m loving the idea of under-utilized resources being made available to actually be profitable. Plus, I’m such a “people-person” that meeting new and interesting people consistently fascinates me. Any time I can, I use airbnb for lodging… Whether en route, at an out-of-town photography project, or for the WPPI conference that we love to attend for inspiration and education, being able to stay with a local and enjoy a real coffee before even leaving the accommodations has always been a delightful experience. Check it out, and here’s a *special link that will get you $40 in travel credit with them if you don’t already have an account with them!

*Affiliate codes benefit us, too, with a little financial “thank you” from the companies who provide affiliate codes to us. At least they do theoretically as we’ve not yet received any payments. Haha!  It doesn’t really amount to anything substantial, but we want to be up front about it. Still, if you know me, you know we would never recommend a company here that we’re not really thrilled to evangelize about. =) 

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