Mary Margaret

What’s the most graceful thing in the world that you can think of? A bubbling brook, maybe? A pure white swan? WRONG! Grace is the most graceful thing in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not the name of our beautiful subject today, so put that out of your mind.

Our graceful subject today is a beautiful dancer named Mary Margaret. The poise, discipline and endless hours of coaching towards perfection in pose and motion all culminate in a living piece of artwork that is a dancer. I really do see dancers as living, moving sculptures, and their ability to know just how to pose themselves makes photographing them a particularly rewarding and fun experience for me as a photographer.

Thanks for putting yourself out there and dancing on the streets of OKC, Mary Margaret!

beautiful high school senior mary margaret - ballet dancer MMD_1142mary margaret dancing ballet between pillars MMD_1195mary margaret dancer flowing skirt with columns MMD_1211dancer mary margaret doing the splits MMD_1227epic dance move by mary margaret outdoors flowing skirt MMD_1263dancer mary margaret stands and does vertical splits MMD_1291dancer mary margaret bends backwards in dance pose MMD_1304portrait of mary margaret lying in the grass MMD_1548

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