Delbertโ€™s Senior Portraits

Delbert is graduating this spring, and has a promising football career ahead of him. I love his style and confidence, and look forward to seeing him playing college ball before too long, and maybe pro football, too, if all works out as everyone hopes! Heโ€™s a talented guy in so many ways, and it was a pleasure to spend some time capturing his senior photos for him and his awesome parents.

black african american high school senior in coat and bowtie DeTo_8840Candid high school senior portrait dressy formal blue coat silver bowtie DeTo_8852Delbert with football senior portraits DeTo_8880Delbert's senior portraits in blue blazer and tie DeTo_8890Delbert dressed up candid smiling laughing portrait DeTo_8895Delbert high school senior photo on stairs DeTo_8902

I couldnโ€™t resistโ€ฆ Check out the shoes and socks! Totally rocking it, Delbert! Makes me want to upgrade my Vans. =)


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