Greeting Cards

β€˜Tis the season!

Available to our clients as an add-on to their wall art, we have two high-quality options for Holiday cards this year…

Our fine 5Γ—7 folded press-printed premium paper cards come in packs of 25, include envelopes, and start at $2.50/card in quantities of 200 or more. Β The more common flat 5Γ—7 press-printed cards (not folded) also come in packs of 25, include envelopes and start at $1.50/card in quantity. (Higher per cost card for smaller quantities, minimum 25 cards.) Your greeting cards will be customized to include your family name, the year, and any details and special messages you’d like.

Our designs are simple, with the portraits being the focus of the card. We don’t utilize cluttering design elements, but prefer to keep the cards clean, elegant, and something that your family and friends will want to keep on their fridge year round, and even frame.

Contact us to check out our pre-designed holiday cards and let us know which ones you like best! If none of them are exactly what you were looking for, we can custom design one for you (cost based on intricacy of the design), creating a card that is uniquely you and perfect for your needs.

We’d love for you to setup a time to pop in and actually feel these amazing top-quality cards. Let us know when you can swing by!

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