Maggieโ€™s Senior Portraits

I just LOVE these portraits from Maggieโ€™s recent session, especially the black & white and โ€œdenimโ€ split-tone ones. Thanks for being a good sport and even bending completely backwards for some great photos, Maggie! =)

Some pretty amazing, colorful blooms there, courtesy of Edmondโ€™s Hafer Park. LOVE!

So stunning! Timeless monochromatic portraitsโ€ฆ Black and White, as well as a custom split-tone we like (shout out to my friend Becker who shared it with me years ago.)

I just LOVE how natural and easy these portraits feel. Like sheโ€™s not even trying and just looks that good all the time. The creamy smooth bokeh is courtesy of the top-of-the-line Canon L-series lenses with super-wide apertures. Always makes me smile to use them.

The portrait above is definitely a favorite of mine. =)

Wow! A complete backwards bend/bridge to finish the session off! It was a blast working with Maggieโ€ฆ Always fun to work with easy-going, fun, adventurous people. =)

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