Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of investment should we expect to make for professional photos?

Great question, and we don’t blame you for asking! First of all, check out our pricing page to see a good example of our pricing on the most common sizes ordered by our clients. We love to be up-front with that info so everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into. =) And to answer your question directly, our average senior or family portrait client invests $1500 to have the amazing wall art, portraits, books, etc. that they want to be able to enjoy for generations to come.

Commercial/marketing/advertising photography is priced based on time and scope of the project, so let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll quote the project for you. There aren’t any minimums to worry about, and there’s no risk to you at all. Hate your photos? We’ll refund your session fee, delete your gallery and wish you a good day. Of course, it would pain us to do so, and thankfully it’s only happened once, and it was years ago, but we stand behind it to this day. We guarantee you’ll love them.

What kind of time-frames should we expect?

Here are our general time-frames. Things can be greatly expedited if need be, so this is by no means the fastest anything happens. =)

PORTRAITS: Typically, we talk on the phone once or twice to answer any questions and talk over details to make a great plan, then we schedule the portrait session. Within a few days after the session, we love to meet together in person to go through all of the best portraits and help you narrow down your favorites and figure out exactly what will best meet your needs as far as prints, wall art, albums, etc. It’s typically 8-10 weeks turnaround on larger wall art, but in emergent situations, we can usually accommodate your expediting needs (just let us know ASAP!) Once edited, the order is placed with the nation’s best pro labs. Print orders take up to 2 weeks to arrive after ordering. Albums, canvas prints and other specialty products may take longer.

HEADSHOTS: Business portraits can typically be reviewed and edited on the spot in most cases, delivering the images for client use just minutes after creating them.

COMMERCIAL/ADVERTISING PHOTOS are typically delivered within a day or two of the photo shoot, and sooner when needed.

MLS/REAL ESTATE: Once the house is fixed up, staged, cleaned and ready to sell, the last thing you want is to have to wait a week for the photos to help sell it. Real estate photos are delivered typically within 24 hours, and sooner when needed.

Any suggestions on what to wear?

Yes! It’s all personal tastes, but we’re pretty much over the matching outfit craze of the 90’s. Unless we’re photographing your businesses employee as a group, let’s get creative with colors and outfits! Designers have taken countless hours to put together family wardrobe boards that can be found by Google image searches like this one (click here). Have fun with it, and let the inspiration begin!

My eyeglasses are transition lenses so they get dark when I go outside. Is that okay?


Seriously, photoshop is a helpful tool, but not a miracle worker. If we can’t see your eyes, your photos aren’t going to be the fantastic portraits you really want them to be.

Anything else I should know about eyeglasses?

Yes, actually… Glad you asked! When you buy glasses, you’ll often be offered an anti-glare coating. Get it! If you care how you look in photos, it may be the best money you ever spend. That anti-glare coating makes your glasses almost disappear, so we can see your eyes.

Will your logo be visible on the front of my prints?

Only if you specifically request it! While we’d love the publicity, I’m afraid our logo on the front of everyone’s prints would be counter-productive. We’re not all about the big flashy branding on your prints, so rest at ease. Albums and books will typically have a subtle logo at the back, as do designed greeting cards where it seems appropriate and tasteful. Low-res proofs and proof books are typically garnished with our small logo at the bottom right corner, in a way that doesn’t detract from the viewer’s enjoyment of the image.

I’m having trouble figuring out the online ordering. Can you help?

Absolutely! We love to help with the ordering process, so if the online ordering isn’t super convenient and easy for you, let us know. We can help you over the phone, or ideally in person at our office and make the ordering process as easy as pie for you. I’ll even buy you a coffee. It’s always a pleasure visiting again with our clients in person.

Do you have specially priced print packages or any deals like that?

We do offer special incentives depending on the total of your print order. We’re happy to offer free low-res photo files, printed proof booklets, and even a free portrait session based on your print order total. Happy to explain it further when we talk next, just ask about it — or read about it here.

I tried placing an order and I now have a pending transaction on my card. Why?

This can occur when the billing and shipping address do not match, or when a transaction has not been pre-approved by your credit card company. When this occurs, a pending transaction may appear on your credit card, however we do not have any access to your funds. The credit card company will put the funds back on your card within 48 to 72 hours in accordance with their policies.

Why does my 8×10 have so much cropped off?

A full-frame, straight out of the camera photo is 2:3 in dimensions. So, that would be 8×12. That wasn’t always the case, with many professional portraits in the last century being 4:5 in dimension (or 8×10). So, things have changed in the last 10 years and frame shops have been a little slow to catch up.

Naturally, if you ask for a square or nearly square print, it’s going to crop off a lot of the image, so be sure there’s room before selecting a print that’s sized much different than 2:3 ratio. Thankfully, our proofing software gives you a good preview of the crop before you even purchase it, so check that crop preview, just to be safe. If you just can’t make a crop work, we still may be able to work some magic and massage the image into an 8×10, but don’t overlook the super-cool up-and-coming 8×12 prints that don’t crop anything at all off of the photo.

I lost my photos in a fire/tornado/flood/alien invasion! Do you still have them? Can we replace them somehow?

Yes! First of all, we’re so sorry to hear of your loss. It’s a nightmare, we know. My dad lost most of his childhood photos in a house fire, so we’re all too familiar with how devastating it can be. Rest assured to know that all of our photos are backed up in multiple locations so chances are we still have them!

What’s the one thing people will run back into a burning building for? Or climb back out of a tornado shelter to rescue? If you said “family photos” you’re right.

With the big Moore tornado of 2013, we had one client lose everything… Home, photos, everything gone. Our hearts bled for the many victims, and we decided at that point that if any of our clients ever lose the photos we did for them due to a natural disaster like that, we would replace them all for free. Non cost to our clients, just let us know and we’ll take care of it all. In fact, as I type this, I have an entire reprint of orders for that Moore tornado client, and we’re just waiting for her to swing by to pick it up. The tears of joy are totally worth it.

*Note: As per our attorney’s strong recommendation, we no longer replace photos lost due to alien invasions and/or acts of war or terrorism.

Are y’all selfish, imperialistic capitalists or are you doing anything active to benefit the community?

Gosh, you don’t hold back, do you? Yes, we’re happy to be giving back and you may be happy to read this. Also, see the previous point about replacing photos in natural disasters.

I found a typo on your website.

Okay, smartypants, that’s technically not a question, but we realy hate typos and woud be most greateful if youd let us know so we could fixx them! (🤣)

If I lion and a tiger were to fight, which would win?

I think we can all agree that in a real fight everyone is a loser, but after extensive internet research, my money is on the tiger. Really could come down to the enneagram personality types of the lion and tiger, I suppose.

My question has not been answered, can you help me?

Yes! I had a feeling I was forgetting something here… We’d love to know what we can do to help, and we may actually add it to the FAQs if it’s a common question.  Fill out this brief form below and we’ll be right back in touch with you!

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