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We're so happy you're interested in learning a little more about us! I promise we won't quiz you about it later, so feel free to jump ahead, back, do the two-step... Whatever you'd like. =) But still, we feel honored you're here, and if we're not already, we hope to soon be friends!

The silhouette panoramic portrait above is our troop. We have it on our walls to enjoy every day. =) We LOVE the art of photography and feel so honored and fortunate to be able to help create amazing work that you and others can cherish for generations to come.

The color photo on the left is our latest family portrait at the park. (Special thanks to our friend and photographer Sherry Lynch for capturing this fun moment for our family.)

Read more about us below if you like, or skip ahead and get right in touch with us...

More About C&H

B&W Portrait of Christian Sangree

Please allow us to introduce ourselves… I’m Christian, and my wife Holly and I own and operate our little photography business. We have three daughters and a son and we make really cute babies, or so we’ve been told. Haha!

Our family pic in 2014 imgl2784sq_400px

Our big old rescued mastiff… 200lbs!

Besides photography, our lives are really all about our kiddos who are growing so quickly and who model for us almost every day. =) We love to travel, especially long road trips. With family living on both coasts, and even other countries, we always have a great excuse to hit the road and travel together. We’re just getting into camping, enjoy tossing the football and frisbee, and always enjoy visiting with friends over good food and maybe even a craft beer on occasion. We must have four of the most photographed children in the world, and the well-decorated walls in our home show it.

Professionally, both Holly and I have had a long-time love of photography. In fact, our largest purchases as kids were cameras. Holly did her formal photography training at a photography school in Dallas and was asked to come back to join the faculty there to help teach. She’s a quick study and a diligent learner, and quickly earned a reputation as a gifted outdoor portrait photographer.

Fast forward a few years to 1999, and Holly officially registered the business as “Prints Charming Photography” with the goal to provide high-quality, affordable, on-location portraiture. Despite the clever name and other businesses popping up with the very same name elsewhere around the country and the globe, our studio is 100% local and not a franchise or affiliated with them in any way. (I’m still wondering if we shouldn’t have forked out the money to register the business/trade name nationally. =)

our youngest 3 at the time 2014 img_8260b_400pxWe combined forces in 2003 when we married, and we have grown together dramatically by challenging each other to continually improve our skills and stay on top of our game. As our family has grown, I have taken on the role of primary photographer with Holly joining on family sessions, larger commercial photography projects and events where it’s helpful to have both of us there.

To this day, our portrait business is still mainly outdoor and on-location. We just can’t imagine being limited to shooting in a studio. The results of shooting outdoors with natural lighting and beautiful authentic surroundings are impossible to duplicate in a studio; plus, we’ve found that our subjects are much more comfortable in neutral locations or at your own office/home/farm/estate during photoshoots.

our youngest child cute look img_0551_400px

Seriously… cute babies, no? =)

For children, high-school seniors, families, couples, and even commercial marketing and advertising photography, contact us and let’s discuss how best we can serve you with your photography needs.

Most of our business comes from referrals from our happy customers, and we’d be grateful if you’d help spread the word about Prints Charming Photography by telling your friends about us as well. As a small thank you, we’re happy to give you a free 8×10 (or equivalent) for each referral.

We hope you’ll take the time to say “hello” and connect with us. Besides our website here, we also post things online on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. We’d love to hear from you and connect with you wherever you like to hang out! =)

Okay, one more of my favorites from our most recent portrait session… Three dancers and a boxer. =)

Sangree kids 2016

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