Happy Holidays!

Dear friends and clients, as another year wraps up, it is with the greatest gratitude and joy that we consider all that’s happened in 2018. It’s been a full, productive year, and we’re so grateful to each of you who allow us to practice our craft and help you memorialize your businesses, families, and milestone moments for generations to come.

After seven years at the coffee shop(s) at 109 NW 142nd St., we’ve finally found a space that we love… It’s both convenient and amazing, located at 33rd & Broadway in Edmond, with a walk-up retail feel and 10 foot ceilings. Once the gallery lighting is in, we’ve hung our work on the walls, and I’ve managed to cut down my desk to fit in in the right corner, I think we’ll be show-ready! =) It would be fun to have a come-and-go type open house, so stay tuned for that in late winter/spring as we make progress on the new space. We’re excited to show you!

Our busiest season has wrapped up nicely, and I’m eagerly anticipating some slower days, helped along by the early sunsets and cold weather. I have at least two new books just delivered today (thank you, Amazon Prime!) that will be added to my stack to work on over the winter. Lots of firewood is already stacked, and nothing sounds more restorative than a great book and a crackling fire.

We wish you the very best as we wrap up 2018 and look to a bright, promising new year. God has been good to us in so many ways, and our prayer is that you enjoy all of the most meaningful, important things this Christmas and in the new year ahead!

Our Christmas card for 2018… Every year, we seem to make it simpler and simpler — most likely due to my own busy schedule and complaints. =) I love the vision Holly had for this year’s card with the amazing silhouette on the back, and can’t wait to make some wall art from it for our new office!

The front of our Christmas Card for 2018
The back of our Christmas Card for 2018

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and hope to see y’all again before too long! With much love, the Oklahoma Sangrees. =)

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