Rachelโ€™s Senior Portraits in the Park

Itโ€™s been a beautiful spring so far, and the hail didnโ€™t entirely crush the blooms that first appear to let us know that summer is coming. =) Itโ€™s actually pretty amazing that my car now has dents all over it, but these blossoms are looking fresh and amazing!

The grass is still just barely starting to green up, but knowing where to look, we found some really pretty spots for our beautiful model senior, where the wind even helped with a little drama and natural look for her hair. =)

Here are our favorites from the photoshootโ€ฆย 

Despite the normal anxiety of picture day that everyone feels, Rachel was a superstar and really won all of us over with her gorgeous smile and natural beauty. And bonus points for scheduling your portraits EXACTLY when the daffodils and that gorgeous tree in the first photo were in full bloom!

Speaking ofโ€ฆ Does anyone know what kind of tree that is in that first photo? Itโ€™s just beautiful!

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