Sunrise Aviation Photos on the Tarmac

We were excited to get the call from the pilot of this private aircraft that they were in need of some professional photos of their plane… First, because airplanes are an amazing feat of science and magic to be able to defy gravity and travel hundreds of miles per hour. And secondly, because we love to get artistic photos of normal things you see every day.

To be commissioned to make art is such an honor, and we’re always grateful for the experience and chance to make something beautiful for our clients. We chose sunrise for the shoot, so we could (hopefully) get some really beautiful colors and clouds. Rain moved in on our first date, but we’re always happy to reschedule if the weather doesn’t cooperate. As luck would have it, we were given the gift of a really gorgeous morning for our rescheduled photoshoot on the tarmac at the private side of the airport at Will Rogers World Airport.

As a tangent (this is so funny and unusual for us)… In stark contrast to gorgeous sunrises and perfect settings, we had a recent photography job where we were required to make a space look as bad as possible. Odd, right? I’d never even thought of it, but it turns out there’s a need for bad photos, too, sometimes! The job was to photograph a cramped space that was in need of expanding, and our clients were having trouble showing just how cramped the space was. With the right lenses and angles, we were able to really make that place look terrible! Haha!! Such an odd request, but no matter the need, we love the chance to help. Non-artistic photography isn’t nearly as fun or rewarding, which is one of the main reasons we focus on the specialty photography areas that we do.

Okay, back to airplanes at sunrise! Without any further ado, here’s my favorite image from the photoshoot:

Airplane at sunrise Will Rogers World Airport in OKC

The turb0-prop pilot and owners (our clients) were thrilled and now I’m really tempted to create a big metal print for my office as a cool sample of some of our commercial work.

Now that I think of it, I just remembered that we have a pretty cool shot of an orange custom trailer made out of an old, antique pickup truck bed that would go with it nicely, too. It’s from last year, but I don’t think I posted it beyond social media. Happy to give it an honored spot here on the blog!

PCP_MarK_2832 Artistic Photo antique orange truck bed Trailer in Field

We’d love to hear if you like them, and which one you prefer, if you want to comment or shoot us a message about them! Always nice to hear from you! I have more commercial work I need to post. It’s been a while since we blogged, since it’s easier to share our work on Instagram these days. For some reason, a blog post seems to much more official and is a bigger time commitment to pull together!

Since taking a break from wedding photography a few years ago, it’s been an absolutely pleasure to do more of this kind of commercial work. We’re still building our commercial photography book of business, so if you hear or know of any needs we can help with, we’re always grateful for those referrals, and happy to help however we can. Thanks a million, and hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day! =)

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