Paying it Forward

Happy holidays, y’all!

We have the eggnog flowing and we’re wrapping up the very final holiday orders before taking a good week or two off and curling up for a nap by the fire every day until we get caught up on sleep. =)  The salon next door (my friend Kacia Koch at the Illuminate Hair Lounge) has the most amazing Christmas playlist on Spotify, so I’ve been jamming to that this week (although I have to confess that Radical Face just overrode the playlist a minute or two ago). Working in the office by myself all the time, it’s easy to totally lose track of the seasons and time, so listening to Christmas music helps put me in the Christmas spirit otherwise it just sneaks up on me during this, our busiest season — and that’s no fun!

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of being photographed by John Michael and Dalisa Cooper as part of their Roadside Families Project when they passed through OKC. You can see those portraits here…  It was a really fun experience to see the creative process and manner of another photographer at work. We love the portraits they did for us, and actually used one in our Christmas card this year (check back and we’ll post one for Christmas!). As a really awesome and clever part of the deal with the Roadside Families project, we agreed to pay it forward by photographing another photographer’s family, and here’s what we did for the Stephens family this month… Even with the leaves off of the trees, we got some great backgrounds. Helps to have beautiful and confident subjects, of course! =)

Seriously, that’s a big pro tip for you… When it’s time for portraits, be confident! Let your personality and beauty shine! It always makes for a great photoshoot when the subject is confident, regardless of shape, look, etc. Just be you!

Reminds me of a quote I heard not long ago… “Be yourself… Everyone else is already taken!”

Here are a couple of favorites from the Stephens family’s photoshoot… So pretty!! Seriously, they look like a rock star family, don’t they?

Stephens family 4432.jpgStephens family PCP_KiSt_4485

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