What a Bricktown photoshoot looks like from above

So, one of the biggest limiting factors in normal photography is gravity… I mean, we pretty much always shoot within 6 feet of elevation, making normal portraiture kind of 2-dimentional perspective-wise. I played around with a drone a few years ago and promptly had to replace all of the rotors immediately. Okay, actually twice, or maybe three times — ha ha!  Apparently, my childhood prowess with radio-controlled cars did NOT carry over to aerial piloting. =)

Huge thanks to Les Wu / UAVideo for a totally rad video he did for us with his amazing drones. He’s an amazing pilot, has a fantastic eye, AND is a great editor. Not an easy combination to find in a person, and it was really a fantastic experience working with him on this project.

Check out Les’s work on his very popular UAVideo Instagram feed and his UAVideo website (I’m told it’s being renovated, so check back again!). Be sure to see the Lake Hefner before and afters on his Insta feed as well as his masterful use of tilt-shift that makes everything like miniaturized.

Business owners… Who couldn’t use some sweet aerial footage for promotional purposes? Check out those links to his work above and give him a holler if you have a need he can help with. He really was that great to work with that I’m giving him some Interwebs love and telling everyone about him.

Keep up the great work, Les! It was really an honor to get to work with you. Leaving you 5-star reviews everywhere I can find a place to do so! You were great to work with, didn’t interfere at all with my clients, and would have forgotten that you were even there except for the fly-bys every now and then. =) Love the finished product and look forward to the next one!

What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?

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