The Bass Family

Just a few favorites from one of our new favorite families, the Bass family!

Their beautiful daughter is actually wearing her Mom’s outfit from when she was a girl, something we love to do with our own kids, and just melts our hearts every time we get a chance to do it for our clients.

Check out those tulips! Special thanks to the gardeners at Myriad Gardens who plant those every year. I just learned that tulips don’t survive the Oklahoma heat and although they’re perennial elsewhere in the world, they’re just annuals this far south. Those efforts are much appreciated, gardeners!

beautiful family portrait at park with tulips PCP_CBa_0342vBass dressy formal family portrait on trail PCP_CBa_0422Mrs. Bass kissing daughter portrait PCP_CBa_0448young girl in pretty easter dress Surrounded by tulips PCP_CBa_0818

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