Ryan Turns Two :: A Preview

I was just looking over these images from last nightโ€™s photo session and I just had to share one with you. Ryan turned two recently and we had a great time creating some fun portraits that are uniquely Ryan!

Beatty_7076(pp_w768_h512) Ryan Turns Two :: A Preview Families Children

Ryanโ€™s parents were the perfect facilitators for a good session for kids โ€“ they were laid back and didnโ€™t stress too much if Ryan started squirming and was ready for a change.

Really, we see ourselves as being there to capture images of our subjects having a great time, not to pose and create a fake image of them looking like theyโ€™re having fun. We grownups can fake fun sometimes, but no two year old is down for that. You just have to love the genuineness and authenticity of children this age. =)

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