Visitors from Exotic Lands

Thank you, website visitors from exotic lands, for coming to our site from time to time. Each visit from Cabo, Ireland, The Bahamas, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Morocco, New Zealand, etc. fans the flame of hope that someday we may be commissioned to travel to these fairytale lands and photograph beautiful people in settings to match.

The farthest wedding we’ll be photographing this year looks like it’s going to be Pennsylvania (I’m talkin’ about you, Ashleigh & Steve!), but I do believe we could find some room in the schedule to fit in a trip to some destination near a beach, if our arms were twisted just right. =)

Speaking of the beach, I don’t believe I ever shared any pics from our most recent visit to Destin. These were actually taken with our little Canon point-and-shoot, but I just love them… Great memories!

IMG_7692(pp_w768_h576) Visitors from Exotic Lands Our Life

Our girls love the water!

IMG_7717(pp_w768_h576) Visitors from Exotic Lands Our Life

IMG_7799(pp_w768_h512) Visitors from Exotic Lands Our Life

Storie being cute as can be

IMG_7807(pp_w768_h576) Visitors from Exotic Lands Our Life

Holly and I enjoying another sunset on the beach

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