New Blog & Logo Coming Soon!

One of the many projects we’re working on during our slow season is setting up a new blog. We’ve been with Blogger since January of 2006 and blogs have changed so much since then! =) We had pretty much customized it as much as we could and were running into time-consuming issues, so we’re excited to be making a change that should make blogging a bit less of a chore. =)

We’re working on a bit of an update to our (old) logo as well! When Holly had our current logo designed more than 10 years ago, our business was really centered around children’s portraiture. Since then, we’ve really expanded into so many other areas, that we felt it was time for an update to reflect a bit more simple, elegant and classic style than our old logo was reflecting.

Want a little peek at the new logo?

What do you think?! We got some feedback from our Twitter and Facebook friends already and thought it was time to mention it on the blog. (We do float ideas on Twitter and Facebook sooner than the blog, so if you like being in the know on all of these kinds of things, definitely look us up – we’d love to catch up with you there!)

Stay tuned for the changes! I haven’t heard an estimate of time yet from the designers, but I understand it’s a fairly quick process… So I hope to have it up within the next week or so!

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