Anniversaries, Winter Storms, and Time-Lapsed Video

How are yโ€™all enjoying the wintry weather?! We were fortunate enough to have last weekend alone (without the kids) to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We are so grateful for grandparents nearby who love to have the kids over on a regular basis! We had a great time, and despite the weather, we ate at all of our favorite places and got to enjoy the theater as well as a pedicure for Holly (while I found a comfy leather chair to browse my iPhone in).

The weekend passed all too quickly, but we agreed that it felt like a second honeymoon in many waysโ€ฆ Namely, the snowfall (we honeymooned in Colorado Springs), the fondue, endless hours spent together in front of a roaring fire, and taking in some fun movies.

Speaking of movies, we had a hard time deciding between Leap Year (romantic comedy) and Edge of Darkness (with Mel Gibson). The Mel Gibson movie ended up getting our vote, and made us jump out of our seats more than once. I guess we should have gone to see Leap Year after all. It would have made the better anniversary movie, but we still enjoyed Edge of Darkness. Itโ€™s a bit gritty with some close-ups of violent scenes that got to be a bit much for Holly, but it was gripping and very well done, in our opinions. One to definitely see in the theater to get the full effect!

This morning I watched the most beautiful video of time-lapsed DSLR videography featuring the city of Vancouver, where the 2010 winter Olympics will be hosted. As an artist, I think itโ€™s particularly enjoyable and inspiring to get lost in another artistโ€™s work.It was so well done I watched it a few times and thought maybe youโ€™d enjoy it as wellโ€ฆ

What did you think?! Weโ€™d love to hear your thoughts!

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