Happy Holidays!

No, we’re not being PC, so before someone goes all “merry CHRISTMAS!!” on us, I’ll be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas, too. It just may be a few weeks before we post again with family vacationing and all, and I wanted to cover New Year’s as well. =)

Seriously, we love the holidays and take vacationing quite seriously this time of the year. Family time is a priority as it is for most of our customers, so if we’re hard to reach this next week or two, that’s probably why. Well, that plus we were cruising Tropical climes last week, and Holly bought me a Wii for my birthday.

So we’re back from our first-ever family cruise with Holly’s family down to the Caribbean. Not sure we’ll ever try to sail out of Galveston again (we got fogged in, delaying the cruise 2 days) but the cruise was fun and we had a lot of great family time together.

Here’s our most recent attempt at a family portrait – timer-mode style! I took a few of the group without me, then set up the camera and ran in for this one. Not too bad, eh? It was really windy and mostly cloudy, so most of us skipped the beach and dove the reef instead right after we took this shot.

The water was SO transparent, it was amazing… Visibility underwater wasn’t as good as it could have been due to the wind and waves, but we still got to see lots of great reef life, including a deadly lionfish.

Well, I have a few more things to wrap up before I can really relax for Christmas, so it’s time to wrap this blog post up and break out the French press for some freshly ground coffee.

Have a safe and really enjoyable Christmas & New Years! See you next year!

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