Voice: Gone!

Okay, if you want to hear me sounding really funny, give me a call today. On second thought, that might not help at all… I lost my voice having a blast with the family at Whitewater (water park) over the weekend and it still hasn’t come back! I sound so raspy I almost crack myself up trying to talk.

So, if you call today (and probably tomorrow, too), I apologize in advance for how terrible I sound! I really do feel great, I just sound pathetic. =)

I was hamming it up on one of the more mellow rides at Whitewater, trying to scare everyone in line behind us and that’s how I lost my voice. I (we) screamed the entire way down and my brother got video of it. You have to love waterproof video cameras! If and when he posts the video, I’ll see about including it with this post for your entertainment. It was pretty funny.

Also, I haven’t blogged any photos from recent sessions and weddings in a long time so here are a few faves from recent sessions.

Kayla_5568-782570 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life

IMG_8392-720196 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life Wow, this girl can sing! Seriously, I’m seeing a future American Idol here… or maybe skipping that step and going straight to Nashville.

Kayla_5564-720293 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life
IMG_8288-788418 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life
IMG_8362-788463 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life
IMG_8195-746583 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life
IMG_8245-746715 Voice: Gone! Seniors Our Life
Thanks for checking in for the latest! I hope to post more soon, I’m just trying to prioritize our time since we’re playing a bit of catch-up from weddings and the busy senior season.

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