Wow, this guy is FAST!

Have you heard about runners who are so fast they can actually run across water? Hereโ€™s a guy beating two speedboats!

Okay, thatโ€™s a little silly, but it is an absolutely amazing photo! I noticed that the photographers name wasnโ€™t even mentioned, just โ€œAP/Daily American Republic.โ€ Bummer! Any photographer is really honored to have their name and/or website given credit for photos and whoever took that photo deserved to have his name mentioned! Thanks to my brother Sean who forward a link to the story. You can see the original Fox News story here if youโ€™re interested.

Iโ€™m back from two weekends in a row in the Dallas area. The 400-mile round trip is starting to look familiar. =) Should have some photos to post soon from previous weddingsโ€ฆ Iโ€™m still playing a bit of catch-up.

More soonโ€ฆ

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