Back from a Wedding in Seaside, FL

I can hardly believe that it’s been weeks since we last posted! So much has been happening and so much more has been piling up that it’s been hard to justify taking the time to blog. Hope y’all haven’t forgotten about us! =)

This weekend we photographed a beautiful wedding in Seaside, Florida (located between Destin and Panama City) for Wes & Serena. Apparently, one of my favorite movies – The Truman Show – was filmed there, although I didn’t really recognize much from the movie. Photos from that will be posted soon, so check back later this week once I’ve had time to unpack and work on a few faves in between other weddings and portrait sessions.

Let’s see… any other news as of late…

I’m loving audio books! I spend so much time at the computer working on our images, and it works out really well to be able to listen to podcasts and books. I’ve really been enjoying the Dave Ramsey radio show on 1000AM most weeknights, so I started Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” audio book earlier today and I’m halfway through it already. It’s a pretty amazing book, considering how irresponsible we have become as individuals and a nation with our finances. I am so grateful to my parents for giving us a good financial foundation from childhood, but still it’s been a really interesting read (or should I say “listen?” =) and I’ve been learning a lot, too.

Holly got some great shots of our girls the other day and you should be able to see them soon on our personal blog here. She’s been retouching them for a few days and there are some really cute shots. We have an old original Coca-Cola cooler that she used and the girls were only too excited to get a bottle of coke to share, too. =)

Well, it’s midnight and tomorrow will be here too soon, so I’m off to bed. Sorry for the boring post (no photos!) – I promise to post some soon!

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