Along Those Same Lines…

Along with my last post on great groomsmen gifts, I’ve been thinking it would be a lot of fun to photograph the groomsmen all getting their shoes shined and getting haircuts and shaves. Why should the girls have all of the fun “getting ready” pictures?

We have an office over at 50 Penn Place and there’s a kind old gentleman there named Curtis who runs “Curtis Shoe Shine.” It’s like something you’d see in an old black and white movie. The last few times I’ve had my shoes shined there, I’ve thought what a cool thing it would be to do as a group of groomsmen before the wedding. I guess a lot of groomsmen these days are wearing rented tuxedo shoes, so it may not be a good fit for everyone, but I still say it would be a really cool thing to do in the right situation and if you had time to. I can picture a group of guys in tuxes with cigars (unlit – it’s indoors) all hanging around the shoe shine laughing and having a great time before going on to the church.

I think there are still a couple of old-school barbershops in Edmond that offer shaves along with a haircut. Maybe this wouldn’t be a great idea on the day of the wedding, now that I think of it. Last time I checked, they were using huge razor blades to shave people and a nick with one of those could prove a problem if it’s just a few hours before your wedding. So, maybe the day before, taking the group of groomsmen to the barbershop for haircuts and shaves would be fun.

Unless, of course, you have a bunch of totally metro groomsmen who go to beauty salons for their “cut-and-color.” =) Still, I think it would be fun with the right group and it would certainly make for some awesome photography, documenting the day.