Engagement Photography – Sniper Style!

When Sam called me at the last minute with the idea of having us secretly photograph his proposal to Leslie on Valentines Day, I was really excited to see that we could fit it in on the calendar. Engagement sessions are a common thing, but I was loving the idea of being incognito and sniping from hidden locations while he proposed.

I was in place before they arrived, so I was able to see when they pulled up. Sam later told me that here he was remarking how amazing it was that just one quarter got him an entire hour of parking. =)

On my way to the gardens, I swung by Sam’s office to pick up some roses that he had for the occassion. I had the roses placed in just the right spot before they got there, so I could cover it from my hideout.

It was perfect! Leslie didn’t even see the roses until they were right up on them. Needless to say, she was totally surprised…

But not as surprised as she would be when he dropped to one knee!

I love the emotion in these shots. You can see that she can hardly contain herself.

By this time, Leslie knew I was there, so they walked over to share the exciting news and moment.

You can see the rest of the proofs here.

All in all, it was a great time and Sam and Leslie will have awesome pictures to remember one of the best days of their lives! It’s such an awesome idea, I wish I’d have done this when I proposed to my own sweet Holly Ann. Maybe this will give some other happy couples an idea to do this for themselves. We’d be delighted to be your photographers!

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