The Coolest Groomsmen Gifts

I have been really impressed at the class acts that so many of our grooms are. I guess I’m always surprised at grooms who are so with it and put together that they think to get nice gifts for the guys in their wedding party. Here are two of the coolest gifts I can think of from last year.

Personalized collar stays made from silver, gold or brass. Pretty impressive! No more messing with trying to get the right bend in those cheap plastic collar stays that come with your shirts. I still don’t have a set of these, but I’ll have it on my list for next Christmas. =)Personalized cuff links are really classy, too. Holly bought me a nice set for my last birthday and I’ve really been enjoying them.
One of the really cool things about buying nice gifts for your wedding party is that your friends will enjoy them for years and always remember what a class act you were at your wedding.

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