Mercy Golf Classic

This week I had the privilege and opportunity to help the Mercy Foundation with the Mercy Golf Classic at the Quail Creek Country Club. I was actually looking foward to driving around another professional photographer for the day, but as it turned out, there was no other photographer there and I got to be the professional photographer. =)

We had a beautiful day with some heavy dew first thing in the morning and crisp 60-degree temps. It wasn’t long before the sun warmed things up and burned off the dew. We had several hours of really calm, nice weather and I had a lot of fun being driven around the course and taking pictures of every foursome on the course.

I didn’t retouch any of these pictures. At all. Here are a few of my favorites:

Nobody had any fun at all, as you can see. =)

It was a “scramble” so they played the best ball every time.

Okay, this is my favorite shot of the day. Check it out… you can clearly see the ball and the tee both flying through the air!

It was a picture-perfect day! What a beautiful course to play on, too.
Just in case you’ve never been there… =) And there’s a trick to not getting yourself in the reflection.
This was a very long putt. As you can see from the other guys watching, they were intently leaning and watching in hopes that he’d sink the ball.
I’m not even sure who this is, but man, he sure could hit that ball. You couldn’t even see where it landed… Way off the back of the practice range. Sorry it’s a bit overexposed — I didn’t retouch any of these pictures since I took so many.

The food was great!
One of the many happy foursomes. Looks like a nice day to be outside, eh?
What a professional pose! Okay, Levi, I got the picture. You can stand up now. =)

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