Crippled Squirrels Football Club :: Game Pictures

As you may already know, I enjoy sports. Earlier this Summer, I joined the respected “Crippled Squirrels Football Club” and even played in a couple of games before breaking a rib or two. Since I had to sit out this last weekend, I decided to bring the camera and get some pictures of the action.

Sports photography would be a lot of fun to get into, although we haven’t had much request for anything like that in the past. If you have a team or family member in sports and you want some great photographic coverage for any events, let us know!

The lighting was really low, so I had to use some really high-speed “film” resulting in more grain than usual (I’m apologizing ahead of time in case you happen to notice it =). Here are a few of the highlights.

Here’s Josh (our goalie) with another amazing save.

Great action shot of the other goalie trying in vain to stop the ball. GOAL!

Getting around the defence…

Another save

Celebrating a goal

Going for a shot

I love the guy’s pose on defence

Josh really is a great goalie

Battle scars after the game (Leg model: Josh Wells)

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