Concours de Elegance [car show]

I think this weekend was our busiest ever. We had weddings on Friday and Saturday and a special event shoot on Sunday afternoon at the Governor’s Mansion. Senior photography is picking up again and our weeks are booking up quickly.

The Concours de Elegance is mainly a car show but also features an art gallery and wine tasting. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the St. Anthony Hospital Foundation, and I was hired by St. Anthony’s to photograph the event. It was a pleasure!

There were a lot of really beautiful antique cars, racing cars, custom/modified cars, new cars and even concept cars there. Here are a handful of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Check out this sky! What a great day to be outside…
The trophy table.
Trophies and awards.

Wine tasting courtesy of our own Oklahoma vineyards!

Oil painting the day away.
This old Benz was originally owned by Carey Grant, if I remember correctly.
Ever heard a real racecar rev up close? Man, this beauty was REALLY loud. This was Bill Elliott’s race car that broke every NASCAR speed record (before restrictor plates).
This beauty was re-skinned with hand-made polished aluminum body panels. A really breath-taking roadster.
This has to be the most ornate, delicate hood ornament I’ve ever seen. Check it out!
This is the cleanest engine bay I’ve ever seen. It won the “Engineering Excellence” award.
Buffed to a very nice shine!
This is the car that won “Best of Show.”

This old car won “Best in Class.” I just love all the chrome. It actually looks like the old black car (the judge) in the movie “Cars,” doesn’t it?

Click on any of the images above to see larger versions of the pictures. You can see a lot more in the larger pictures.

Thanks for reading!

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