Happy Christmas!

Nobody told Solo to smile, he later told us. =)

It’s always curious to me that my family from Trinidad (and pretty much everyone else in the world outside of the US) says “Happy Christmas” instead of the American “Merry Christmas.” I finally looked up the etymology of “Merry…” vs “Happy…” and it was interesting! Read about it here, if you like. To summarize, it sounds as if “merry” is a lot less restrained and more all-out fun, which makes sense since “happy” was used by the queen who made it popular.

Regardless of what level of restraint you practice, we do wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the holiday and the new year ahead!

Something that I’ve been pondering recently, is the importance and place of feasting in our normal yearly traditions. Seems to me that feasting was practiced a lot better in days gone by. Nowadays, everyone is just too busy all the time to even have a multiple course dinner, much less a multiple-day feast, and I think that’s to our own detriment. Let’s bring back the feasts and remember how to truly celebrate in gratitude for the many blessings we enjoy throughout the year! I’m all in, and will be bringing the “merry.”

We are so grateful to our awesome clients for another successful year (our 23rd!) where we’ve been able to practice the craft of photography full-time and provide for good-sized family with expensive hobbies like classical Russian ballet, Jiu Jitsu, traveling, etc.

Thank you all!! With gratitude and love, the Sangree family. ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

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