Portraits at the Park: Summer 2020 style

Hello, crazy world of 2020! We’re halfway through… How’s everyone holding up? =)

Thankfully, everyone I know who’s experienced the dreaded coronavirus has recovered and didn’t have it too badly. We actually wondered if we had it since we had some kind of a flu-like sickness back in February/March, but antibody testing came back negative so far, so — if we can rely on those — I guess we didn’t.

Will Ferrell is pure genius

I saw a great meme the other day and I really wish I’d saved it… The world was burning in the background and an overly-excited Will Farrell was shouting with a huge grin, “HEY! Who wants to do family portraits!??!”

After wiping the coffee from my nose laughing at that one, I realized how accurate that meme feels with so much in the world feeling like it’s just not right.

We all had such great plans for 2020… It’s amazing how things change! And how fragile our way of life really is. We have a lot to be thankful for… That we didn’t also have an agricultural drought this year, that the mortality rate wasn’t nearly as high as was originally projected, and that we still are surrounded by those we love… even if it’s more than usual with social distancing and fewer opportunities for fun outside the home these days.

I have really been inspired hearing from our clients about the positive things to look back on from these days of “safer at home” and physical distancing. Some of my favorite clients recently called on us to do family portraits (before their college-age kids went back to school in the fall), already reminiscing about how lovely it was to have so much extra time with the kids before they fully launched into their own careers in other cities or even states. I could see a tear forming in her eye, and I knew exactly what she was saying.

Was your summer unexpectedly delightful in ways you didn’t foresee? I’d love to hear about it. I think some of us will take more time to get there, but at some point, we’ll all look back on these days and have some fond memories to recollect.

Don’t give up on 2020. In fact, if I were a doctor, this would be my prescription…

Maybe you’re a bit like us… Maybe you’re over it already. I mean, it’s been months, but it honestly feels like years.

If you’re ready to sweep 2020’s legs and make some fun memories in a tangible way that can be enjoyed and even build stronger loving memories for many years to come, outdoor portraits may be just the thing… And we’d love to help! Reach out, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll make a plan together for recapturing the beauty and some fun memories of 2020 with you. Finally, we’ll help you with beautiful wall art, custom leather albums, and gift portraits all featuring those most dear to you, so you can enjoy them despite how much longer we are encouraged to stay home. =)

Our heroes featured today…

With a big milestone birthday in the family, The Butlers were ready to capture some beautiful portraits of their son who was turning one year old.

There’s nothing like a nice gentle car ride in German-engineered suspension to put a happy, well-loved boy to sleep… When we met the Butler family at the park for their family portraits, he was OUT. I mean, out like Grandpa in his favorite recliner on a rainy Sunday afternoon with comedy re-runs playing in the background… That kind of out. His dad picked him up, we walked a few steps to our pretty spot in the shade at the park and he was STILL out! In 21 years of family portraits, I don’t think we have ever seen such a great sleeper. It almost pained us to have to wake him, but after capturing a few heart-warming frames, eventually we did.

Check out this gorgeous sleepy guy and those cheeks! If this portrait doesn’t make you want to plant a big fat kiss on those cheeks, it could be that we’re not meant to be friends. Just sayin’.

There he is! Awake and just soaking up the love from mom and dad.

I LOVE portraits of sons just learning to stand with their fathers…
Little Man ready to take on the world right there.

Their portrait order has been submitted to the pro lab and is being printed as I type… and I can’t wait to have them back in my hands to inspect and enjoy them before passing them along to their forever home. =)

I love being an analog portrait artist in a digital world. Tangible, physical portraits beat the digital alternatives every time in my book. And by partnering with the best labs in the country, we’re proud to continue to offer the highest quality lifetime-guaranteed wall art, books and portraits.

Special thanks to all of our clients over the last 21 years who make it possible to do what we love every single day!

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