Cameron’s Cap and Gown Portraits – Edmond Santa Fe Senior

The senior class of 2020 has certainly had more than their share of unusual circumstances and challenges. Pandemic can’t hold down such resilient spirits, though. I’m excited to see what the future holds for these overcomers, and it’s always a great honor to be trusted to capture and create their portraits.

That is why high school seniors are one of my very favorite subjects to photograph… There’s just so much anticipation and excitement for what life has in store! So much potential just ready to be unleashed on the world, to create, improve, and make it a much better place.

Cameron graduated from Edmond Santa Fe this spring, and even though the in-person graduation was all up in the air, we photographed him in his cap and gown so he and his family would have some great portraits to remember this crazy season of his life!

We even got one with him wearing a PPE mask, just to find humor in the current circumstances and situation, but I think it’s too soon and I can’t say I’m nostalgic about it yet. (Haha!)

Here are some of our favorites of Cameron, using the empty UCO campus in Edmond…

And here’s that portrait of him with his mask. Didn’t bother editing this one, so it’s just a proof still, but thought it might be funny, nostalgic (or something) to look back on someday. =)

We look forward to following his journey and hearing great things about him and his future at the University of Oklahoma and beyond!

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