A favorite from Tamika & Kerry’s Couple’s Portraits

We just received the most beautiful 30×40 canvas print back from our pro canvas company, and couldn’t wait to share it. In fact, you may have seen that we posted it to the Prints Charming Photography Instagram account moments ago. By the way, if you’re there on IG, give us a follow and we’ll connect with you there, if that’s your online hangout! I’ve been loving the old IG more and more, and finding that we’re posting there much more often than the blog here.

On to our photo of the day! =)

Garden portraits at sunset are pretty hard to beat for beauty, serenity, and the softest, warmest glow of light…

OKC couples portraits seated at sunset

For many, just hearing 40×30 can cause a bit of anxiety and stress… We understand! Selecting the right photo and the right size for your home can be tricky if you’re not an experienced interior designer. That’s why we recently invested in a brand new system that we use with every portrait session that assists with narrowing down your favorite photos, and even displaying them provided photos of your own walls at home!

Provided wall photo

Provided wall photo

All we need is a photo of your wall, with something measurable on the wall so we can scale it accurately. Then we can display collections of your favorites in beautiful groupings, or just a simple single image as wall art, insuring it fits, matches, and looks amazing before it’s even ordered!

For the couple above, we received a picture of their fireplace, and a piece of standard 8.5×11 paper taped to it for scale. Then, just a couple of days after the photoshoot, we got together and enjoyed a slideshow of their proofs, narrowed down their favorites, and picked one for the fireplace, sizing it to fit to their liking.

How helpful is that!? I get so excited every time I’m able to use this to help our clients! (Please forgive the liberal use of exclamation points, but this is some exciting stuff here! Haha!!)

Wall Art design and previewing

Provided wall photo, with accurately scaled portrait showing!

Wall art is an investment, and it’s SO great to be able to offer a helpful tool like this to assist with the decision-making process, and to insure the right sizes and groupings for our clients.

For our past clients, if you’d like to have an opportunity to do this with an older portrait session we did for you, please let me know! It would be a pleasure to get it setup and to go over your photos with you together and help you make some great, educated wall art decisions.

For future clients, we’d love to hear from you to answer any questions and book your own portrait session so you, too, can bask in the peace and reassurance of knowing that you won’t over- or under-size your wall art, making each portrait perfectly sized and enjoyable for many years (and, hopefully, generations) to come!

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