Indian Dance

I wasnโ€™t sure what to expect when Edmondโ€™s School of Bharatnatyam & Indian Folk Dance called me to photograph their big event, but I was in for a treat with the bright colors, beautiful people and dances. I made over 1300 photos of the event for them, but here are my two personal favorites. I just love how the long, slow shutter speed shows the motion of the dancers and their dresses.

If youโ€™re interested in learning more about this beautiful art, check out the Arpan School on the book of faces. Special thanks to Nishita (the most accomplished dancer I know, and the schoolโ€™s instructor) for hiring us to photograph your event, even though weโ€™d never photographed Indian folk dance before. =)

They started with the kidsโ€™ dances and then moved onto the older kids and even adults.

If you attended the recital and are looking for more photos, give Nishita or the Arpan School a call. We delivered the photos to them yesterday and she will be making them available to the students and families. Hope to see yโ€™all again soon!

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