Cutest Birth Announcement Ever?

Check out this birth announcement we did announcing a birth in April. What to you think? Cutest ever? I may be a bit partial judging this one, because it was Hollyโ€™s idea and thatโ€™s us! My family! Yep, after 3 daughters, weโ€™re expecting a baby boy in April. Time to take child-proofing our home to a whole new level. =)

The cotton candy was a total pain to work with and would have made for a really amusing (if not embarrassing) outtake if we had video of the shoot. Thank goodness the photos look like we had fun. Haha! Seriously, though, itโ€™s SO stressful having family portraits made, and taking them ourselves only multiplies that, Iโ€™m certain.

Despite my feelings on the day of the shoot (the cotton candy hid it nicely, eh?), Iโ€™m grateful for Hollyโ€™s efforts to do something fun and creative again this year. Thanks, Babe. Youโ€™re an angel.

So, that was the back of our Christmas card, and hereโ€™s the front:

Guess itโ€™s getting kind of late to wish yโ€™all a happy new year. All the same, we wish you the very best for 2015. =)

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