Grayson’s Newborn Portraits

It was a gorgeous day for a road trip to Altus to photograph our youngest, newest customer – Grayson! We even managed to squeeze in a drive through the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where we dodged the roaming wild buffalo, and enjoyed the huge burgers at the Meers Store & Restaurant. (Surprisingly, they have a website. Doesn’t seem like they’ve had electricity at the store for very long. =)

Here’s an iPhone photo I took as we drove past this big guy who was just chilling on the side of the road like he was waiting for a ride…

This is not Grayson. This is a buffalo. Silly people. 


If you’ve never seen a buffalo in the wild, I suggest you mozy on over to the Wichitaw Mountains Wildlife Refuge and check that off your list. Go hungry, though. Those burgers are big. Really big.

And now for our favorites from Grayson’s session!

I should take a minute to point out that the above crib we put Grayson in is the very same crib that Jen’s parents rocked her in when she was a baby. How nostalgic and amazing is that?

Congratulations, Jen & Ryan! She’s beautiful, and was so precious to photograph. Thanks for giving us a great excuse for a road trip!

Family and friends can view the entire gallery of Grayson’s newborn photos if you know Jen’s maiden name to use as the gallery’s passcode.

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