Happy Memorial Weekend!

Who’s ready for a long weekend!? Me me me!!

As you may already know, our schedule is typically adjusted back a few hours from corporate America in the Central Standard Time zone (let’s bring Hawaii time to the 405!), so when we had projects every day this week requiring me to be on-location and shooting before 8AM, I emptied my reserves of energy and I’m ready to just sleep for an entire weekend!

I actually fell asleep for a few seconds at a stop sign on my way home today… I was that tired! Thankfully, I woke up before the guy behind me started honking. Oklahoma is the only place I’ve seen someone fall asleep at a traffic light and nobody behind them honked. Seriously, I’ve seen that happen here – no exaggeration!

Today, we were commissioned to photograph the memorial service of a young man we photographed as the groom in one of our very first weddings about five years ago when we were first getting into photographing weddings. It’s really sobering to see a young life with so much potential cut short. Life is short enough as it is… We’re praying for Emily, the Murrays, Prat ts and all of Adam’s friends who are grieving his loss. Those who shared at the service really did a wonderful job of honoring Adam’s life and the affect he had on those around him. I hope someday that people will be able to say such nice things about me…

Well, it’s Memorial Day… Any of you have exciting plans? I may go fishing with a friend. It’s probably been 10 years since I cast a line and it would be fun to get out and enjoy the outdoors again. I actually used to hunt and fish, but it just got too difficult to find time and places and friends to go with.

Don’t forget to honor the brave men and women who have protected the freedoms we enjoy here in the good ol’ US of A. We have our star-spangled banner flying and we’re so grateful for the freedoms we still enjoy in this great country.

And now for my favorite Memorial-Day themed bumper-sticker…

Thank a Teacher-Soldier

Have you seen that one before? I don’t ever put bumper stickers on my cars, but if I did, this would definitely be in the running for some bumper space!

We’d love to hear what you’re planning for Memorial Day… Maybe you’ll give us some ideas, provided we get enough sleep between now and then. =)

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