Brandi’s Trash the Dress Session

Tonight was a first for us… We got to shoot a bride, after the wedding, who wanted to sacrifice her dress for some fun and unique pictures! It’s been called “trashing the dress,” but we didn’t really trash the dress all that much. It was kinda black and dirty in several places, but we didn’t purposely wreck it. It’s still cleanable and preservable… I think! =)

Thanks for being our first victim, er, subject for a post-wedding bridal session, Brandi! You were a superb model and Devin was (for the most part) a willing accessory-slash-accomplice. Have I mentioned how great you two look together?!

So, my idea was to just blog one or two, but I couldn’t narrow down fewer than eight favorites! Hope y’all don’t mind a big ol’ sneak preview!

We’d love to hear what you think, since this is our first “trash the dress” kinda session!

Now it’s off to check the pool before going to bed… Last night we had kids toss all of our pool furniture and garbage cans in. That wasn’t very nice and I’d love to catch them red-handed with my 6-cell mag-light in hand. =) Yeah, you can call me Paul Blart… If I had a Segway, I’d totally be riding one right now, just for the stealth of it. =)

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