A Whirlwind Tour of Chicago and the Yoopie

Yes, you read that correctly, we were all the way up in Yooper country last weekend to shoot Mathew & Joyanne’s wedding in Escanaba, MI. It’s way up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, between Lakes Superior and Michigan, where there’s not much need for air conditioning and tennis rackets can double as mosquito swatters, or so I hear. In our experience it was beautiful and I didn’t even see a mosquito. We may have heard one in the distance, but it could have been a chainsaw.

Anyway, it’s good to be back where we can get Dr. Pepper in restaurants again! =) As always, we have a lot to catch up on, but I thought we’d share a few favorites from sessions we did while we were up North. We were able to meet up with several families in Chicago to do portraits, and we’re thinking that we need to start offering these kinds of traveling sessions more often! It’s a great way for us to visit fun places and get to see old friends while we’re helping them update their family portraits. Next stop, Myrtle Beach. Anyone needing portraits out that way? =)

First, a few from Matthew & Joyanne’s wedding:

I love these two images from after the ceremony and before the reception. We carved out just enough time to swing by the beach and take advantage of the nice light.

And a few from the family sessions we did in Chicago:

We did this lifestyle session for Sam & Jessica at their home in the Chicago suburbs. We don’t often do lifestyle sessions, due to the time and costs involved, but we had such a good time I think we’ll start doing more of these. These photos will be particularly meaningful to Sam & Jess because they’re moving soon and they really wanted images to capture the fun times they had in this, their first home together. And what a cute home!

A favorite from Angela & Gregg’s mini-session at their home in the ‘burbs as well. Can you believe this is just outside of Chicago? What an amazing front yard!

Then we had the good fortune of meeting up with Nathan & Rebecca and their very sweet girls. If our girls turn out anything like theirs, I will be thrilled! =)

There were just so many awesome places to do photos, I can’t wait to get back up there and take advantage of them again. Seriously, we’ve done photos this year in N. Carolina, Chicago, Michigan, Texas and soon S. Carolina and Florida; so consider us available to travel to whatever beautiful location you might have in mind! We can be bribed with an extra day or two of vacation, especially if you’re thinking Bahamas or Mexico. =)

Okay, time to find that grindstone and plant my nose firmly against it to catch up from the out-of-office time. Thanks for checking in for the latest news and images. And don’t forget to leave us a comment… you’ll make our day!

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