Digital TV, The Common Sense Economy Fix, etc.

Well, we’re back from a whirlwind week of about four thousand miles, I’m guessing. We started the week off with a much needed break, just Holly and I poolside at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Neither of us had ever been there, but we got a great deal on flights and a really nice hotel with 5 pools and that sounded great! We’ve been needing a little getaway with just the 2 of us for a few months now, so when we found a little break in the schedule, we went for it. We had a wonderful time, soaked up some rays, ate great food and walked around to see all of the extravagance on display in Vegas.

Then we drove down to Dallas/Ft. Worth on Friday for a Saturday wedding there (Chris & Brandy’s wedding – you might remember seeing a bunch of photos in our blog of their engagement session). The wedding was wonderful and we even ran into a few old friends that encouraged us to stay an extra night there to hang out and visit. So, it’s Monday and we’re finally back in the office, returning calls, emails and polishing up photos!

And now, a random rant. =) Is anyone else tired of hearing and seeing the digital TV ads yet? I swear that they play more than all of the political ads combined, and often back to back. It started almost a year ago and if there’s a single person in the United States who hasn’t been duly warned of the changeover from analog to digital, I’ll be really surprised. And we have 3 or 4 more months of this to endure before it actually happens! Argh… I personally think that watching TV commercials actually makes a person dumber and watching the same commercials over and over accelerate the IQ dive. I’m sure there’s some research somewhere that can support that. =)

Anyway, on that subject, Holly’s Aunt likes to forward funny things to us and I got a kick out of this one on the subject of digital TV. Hope you enjoy!

I try not to get into politics much on my blog, because I’m a bit of an independent thinker and I think it would probably just irritate people, but I did run across a really interesting plan to help the economy without having to spend the almost-one-trillion dollars that was just passed in the bailout bill. I’m sure none of us has a good handle on how much money that really is, and how that debt will affect our kids and the long-term future of our economy.

Anyway, here’s a link to the initial article I read on Dave Ramsey’s website and a here’s a link to the actual plan (it’s a PDF doc).

The interesting thing is how easy it is to make a difference. I once called my congressman once about an issue I felt strongly about and they said that they were having an overwhelming response from the people – that a dozen people had called! That said, I emailed my Senators and Representative and I hope they’ll be able to make some of these steps in the right direction. Maybe I should have called them… =)

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