Didja Miss Us? (…& Alyssa's Senior Faves)

Well, life is just never going to slow down and be less busy, so I suppose we may as well stop talking about how busy things have been and giving excuses for not blogging! =)

There’s no way I can catch up and blog the scores of sessions we’ve done the last few weeks, so I’m just going to start with one of our most recently posted sessions and try to keep up from here as best we can. =)

Don’t you just LOVE October?! I think it’s my new favorite month. I always thought I loved Spring most, but moving to warmer climes have changed my faves. When I lived in Ontario (growing up) the winter was just SO long and bleak that Spring was like the greatest hope to look forward to. Now that we live in Oklahoma where the weather regularly hits triple digits and cools down to 90 at night, Fall has become much more exciting to look forward to. =)

Anyway, just wanted to share my favorites from Alyssa’s session down at the Myriad Gardens. She was a great sport and didn’t mind showing a little personality for the camera, which always makes for a fun and productive session.

Okay, it’s back to work. Hope you enjoyed the brief update, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! We actually don’t have a wedding this weekend, so we’re looking forward to being able to catch up on a few things around here for a change. It’s nice to have a real weekend like “normal” people. =)

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