Edgar & Tiffany’s Wedding

Last September we had the pleasure of photographing Edgar as he proposed to Tiffany downtown if you recall from our blog about it. We’ve been looking forward to their wedding ever since then and the wait is now officially over!

They opted to have us cover the rehearsal and dinner, so we were able to get some great shots of the family having a great time together over at Edgar’s Aunt & Uncle’s beautiful home. It was the perfect opportunity to break out our new 50mm 1.2 lens due to the challenging lighting outdoors at dusk.

I should probably explain that Edgar’s Dad is also an Edgar and that’s why “Deuce” is printed on the banner with Tiffany’s name.

Edgar and his Dad jammed with the band all night while the crowd danced to the great tunes.

I love this long exposure of the rehearsal dinner dancing. It was actually totally dark by this time, but with a long exposure everything lights up really nicely. You can even see a star or two in the night sky.

And now for two of my absolute favorites from the day…

I had just a little bit of competition to get the shot as they cut the cake! I love these kinds of images showing the rock star status of Edgar & Tiffany. Seriously, there were SO many cameras out that evening.

Edgar showing some moves in a little dance-off.


Showing off the ring!


I just loved Tiffany’s elegant dress! She had a lot of fun dancing despite it’s size and weight.

After leaving Coles Garden, we did a mini-session at the Skirvin Hotel.

You can see about 600 more of Edgar & Tiffany’s wedding photos by clicking here, and using Tiffany’s maiden name as the gallery password.

Thanks, Edgar & Tiffany for the honor of serving you guys as your wedding photographer! I had a great time and it really was a pleasure to work with you!

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