Memory Card Corrupted Files

I’ve just discovered a solution to a nagging problem and I thought I’d post it in case it’s of help to you photographers out there.

If we fill our memory cards completely before changing them out, I’ve found that it frequently causes the loss of a couple of the images towards the end of the card when you try to download them to the computer later. The files are unrecognizable and appear to be corrupted.

Here’s what just worked for me… Download to your computer as many of the files as you can and then put the memory card back in the camera. Use the camera to delete a few of the photos that you just downloaded and then try again to download the rest of the images to your computer. I think you’ll find that the images that once appeared to be corrupted will now read and download just fine!

I’m sure this wouldn’t work for a physically damaged card, but if you filled your card right to the very top with images before changing it, this should help you download and be able to use them all.

I’m curious if this is a problem that a lot of other photographers deal with and if this works for you. Let us know! We’d love to hear if it’s helpful.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day! I’m actually in the office today working on taxes, so the holiday is aptly named this time around for us. =)

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