Wes & Serena’s Seaside Wedding

Wes & Serena married last weekend in Seaside, FL and it was one of the most beautiful places for a wedding ever! I couldn’t help but go through and pick out a few favorites to share with you.

The Seaside cottages were decorated nicely to complement the detail shots we love to get!

The beautiful silk dress! It was heavy and warm, but the photos will prove it was worth it. =)

I found this long covered boardwalk the day before when I had a couple of hours to scout out the little town. It’s in front of the old school there in Seaside. I was loving the beautiful, soft light there…

Time for a little Arc d’Triumph background!

It’s always nice when we have enough time to take our time and not rush through every step of the day. Everyone relaxes and enjoys themselves more and there are better moments to be captured!

After the ceremony, we had planned to walk down to the beach for a few minutes and although it was warm, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. I was SO excited to be finally shooting on the beach. We’ve done the occasional family session on the beach, but I’ve been longing some wedding photos on the beach for a long time now. Man, I wish we lived closer to a beach! =)

I got a really funny shot of Wes acting like he can’t hold Serena… It’s a good thing Serena is used to Wes’s sense of humor. I really wanted to post it, but Holly wouldn’t let me. Maybe if I get enough requests Holly would change her mind? Serena, let me know if you’re game. =) The expressions are priceless.

This one may be my favorite from the day…

This is harder than it looks… Have you ever tried dipping someone? I tried it the other day and I’m impressed at how many people can do this and make it look graceful. Nicely done, guys!

Wes & Serena – hope you guys are having a wonderful time honeymooning in Costa Rica! Thanks for bringing us all the way out from here in Oklahoma to shoot your beautiful wedding! Destination weddings are awesome! We’re definitely going to start offering our services for more destination weddings. Traveling with all of the gear is a bit stressful, but I love the new locations and the unbelievable scenery that we just don’t have in Oklahoma.

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