Rachel & Anthony’s Wedding at the Chesapeake Boathouse

I’m feeling just a little bit spoiled today. After last weekend’s awesome Seaside wedding, we had another cool venue for a local wedding: The Chesapeake Boathouse! I’ve shot another event or two there, but they were evening events and so I didn’t expect the really awesome natural lighting inside the main rooms and the changing rooms. The designers did a awesome job of using glass to use as much natural light inside as possible.

While the bride and bridesmaids were slipping into their dresses, I stole the bride’s shoes for some fun shots. I’ve often heard people say you can judge a wedding by the bride’s shoes and when I saw these beauties, I knew we were in for a great wedding. =)

I should also clarify, these are not OSU orange, but tangerine. Rachel is an OU grad and wanted to be sure it was not mistaken for orange. =)

Getting laced into her dress. The B&W; was so simple and elegant!

Here’s a detail shot of the back.

Rachel & Anthony didn’t want to see each other ahead of time, but they did want a fun shot of holding hands around a corner, so we found a cool spot to do that. =)

What a charmer!

I was totally loving this hand-made veil by Melody Ginn at Bird Cage Veils out of Red Oak, Texas.

The happy couple leaving the ceremony!

And a more artistic shot with the couple as the background. =)

They escaped to the boat house where I caught a few moments of pure delight. More than 1000 words are being spoken right here, I think. =)

A stolen moment outside of the boat house. I am still loving those shoes!

Then the clouds moved in for some amazing, dramatic colors.

The hours flew by and before we knew it, it was time for the big sendoff! I absolutely love sparklers for sendoffs because they make for dramatic pictures and they help light the bride & groom in a cool way.

Plus, after they leave, if there are any sparklers left, you can do fun things like write and draw with them! =)

Thanks to Brandi, Devin and Benj for being our artists in the image above. You guys do great work! I’m sure, for a fee, they can come to your wedding, and do this for you, too! =)

… All Photos © Christian Sangree, Prints Charming Photography

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