Laci & Sean's Wedding, part 1

I’m just uploading Laci & Sean’s wedding photos and I have just a couple of minutes to share a crazy one-in-a-million shot that I somehow lucked out and got. (Part 2 is yet to come, with some faves from the wedding.)

Laci & Sean are big OSU fans and somehow pulled some strings and got Pistol Pete there for the reception! If you’ve ever been near Pistol Pete, he’s got a huge, loud gun that he loves to shoot and in that reception hall, the sound seemed to multiply. I just about jumped out of my skin at his first shot! Anyway, it was at least a 6-shooter, so he had some fun firing the big pistol at appropriate times during the OSU fight song and I managed to catch one of his shots at the exact split-second that he fired! How cool is this? (I darkened the rest of the shot, because they were all singing the fight song and looked really serious. =)

Here it is magnified… You can see sparks coming out from the back of the gun even!

I didn’t photoshop this image to enhance anything about the gun, just standard color-correction and some sharpening. Isn’t that wild?! I think my ears rang for a half hour after that show. =)

It’s been great to start catching back up on blogging and to be catching up slowly on our weddings. Laci & Sean, we sure appreciate your patience as we caught up and I think you’ll find that it was worth the wait! =)

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