Colorado Family Portraits

First of all, let me tell you that I’ll be single-handedly taking care of the two girls tomorrow and Saturday, so if any of you want to come over and play, that would be just great! I’m already bracing myself to get absolutely nothing done while they’re awake… =) Oh well, memories will be made!

I was going to make some joke about Oklahoma City now having mountains, but I missed April Fools Day by about a month. With Al Gore’s wonderful invention, the Internet, we get families from all over visiting our site. In the last few days, we actually had visitors from Ireland, Greece, Italy, France, Pakistan, China, Australia, Venezuela, Canada and Trinidad (hi, family! =)

Destination weddings are commonplace now and we’re excited to have a few on our own calendar for this year, but how about destination portraits?

Holly has some family up in beautiful Colorado Springs who invited us up to do portraits for them and several other families. We figured that the trip would be worthwhile just to get the chance to visit and stay with family, but they though they could line up 5 sessions for us and that would have pretty much made the trip worthwhile financially as well. =) (have I already used up my smiley quota for this entire post??)

Here are some of our favorites from that week up in CO Springs… It’s so nice to see pictures with mountains in them! =)

And finally, one of my favorite shots from 2007… I call this one, “Shooting a male model with wife and baby accessories.”

Total eye-candy, Aaron & Shannon! You guys were too much fun. Thanks for showing us a great time up Colorado Springs!

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