The Grace Giving Foundation’s Gala

This last weekend marked the 2nd annual Gala for the Grace Giving Foundation. It’s organized at least in part by our friend (and family portrait customer =) Sommer B. We were honored to be able to help sponsor the event aimed at helping some truly needy families in the Edmond area. Edmond has at times earned kind of a snooty reputation, but there are needy families in Edmond, just like any other town.

The Gala event was held at Gaillardia and I couldn’t resist sharing a shot of the outside of the clubhouse from later in the evening. I wish I’d have caught it just a little bit earlier with some color in the sky from the sunset, but dinner was too good so I didn’t think of it. =)

A quick plug for the sponsors! Thanks for making it possible!

The food was wonderful and was served from a really impressively long set of tables.

Some fine music at the cocktail hour.

I liked the background of the setting sun in this shot.
Ever since I beat Guitar Hero on easy, I feel like I should know how to play one of these. One of the super-cool items that was donated as part of the silent auction.

I originally took this shot thinking how impressive it was to show how much money was being raised, but now looking at it, I can’t tell whether it says $600 or $660. Maybe it was a ploy by the bidder to confuse people and seal the deal?

An impressive display of “shaker throwing” (I know there’s a better name for this since it’s so common, but I don’t know what it is… anyone?) by Skip the bartender. Yes, the motion blur on the shaker is real. (No, I didn’t add it in Photoshop.) Thanks for doing some cool tricks, Skip!

It was an awesome night to get away outside for a chat and a cigar. Of course, it’s hard to shoot and enjoy a cigar, so I just enjoyed capturing the moment. It was just a little bit chilly, so the fire pit was really enjoyable.

With dinner out of the way, the fun came out! I got a few photos of the other band, too, but they didn’t make the blog. Check out the other photos on our proofing site if you’re looking for anything in particular.

These guys were the real deal! Scratching records and everything. They did so many different styles it was pretty impressive.

Some respectable dancing before things really got out of hand. Okay, I’m just joking. Nothing got out of hand despite the following photos’ evidence to the contrary. =)

A little “Cotton-Eye Joe” action
A little Cha Cha Sliding…

And some karaoke!

I secretly envy people who can get up and sing in public, particularly non-professional singing I’m talking about. I
sang in a barbershop quartet for a few months once and I always got really nervous before singing in front of anyone. Practice was really fun, but performing was terrifying! So, it was really fun to watch folks get up to sing with the band and help them sing a Kelly Clarkson song.

Sommer is going to kill me for this shot, but it was just way too good to not include… =) Here she is rocking the house!

What a fun evening! To see more pictures from the evening, click here.

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