We're Back!

It’s been a while since we last blogged. Were you wondering where we were? =) We took the girls down to Disney World and has a blast! It was so tempting to blog while we were down there, but a nagging thought of that info finding it’s way before the wrong eyes kept me from posting about it.

The short and sweet summary: It was so much fun just watching Addie (our 3 year old) practically hyperventilate over Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and some of the other characters. The rides were fun, but taking kids to Disney totally changes your priorities.

Anyway, I wish I could post pics and videos (Holly will soon on the girls’ blog, I’m sure), but I don’t have time to right now… On my way out to shoot an event for St. Anthony Hospital for a couple of hours this evening.

We have lots of pictures and updates, so stay tuned! We’ll try to post them as soon as we’ve caught up.