Museum Cafe: Saints’ Physician Appreciation

Have you ever eaten at the Museum Cafe downtown? It’s a nice, small restaurant located inside the art museum on the ground floor, east side. Holly and I have eaten there before, but had quite forgotten about it until we had an event to photograph there last evening. What a cool place!

I’m actually surprised I haven’t heard of more wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners taking place there.

Here are a few favorites from last night… just details of the facility, mainly. The reception was for St. Anthony Hospital’s physician appreciation, so I’ll save the people pictures for Saints to use. =)


In the area set aside for the cocktail hour

In the restaurant area for hors d’oeuvres. (My spell checker doesn’t like pluralizing hors d’oeuvre – what’s up with that? =)
The facility staff did a great job of creating a really nice environment. I love that last image of the blue candles on the tables with fresh flowers.

To see the rest of the photos or to order any photos from last night’s event, visit the gallery here. Thanks for checking in!

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