Photography Lunch

Well, I got my first invitation to lunch with a photographer and Iโ€™m excited! I can see this being really a fun way to get to meet a lot of the up and coming photogs in the area in addition to being able to help them however I can.

This Thursdayโ€™s lunch is with Garrick Voth whom I met at the recent Celebrity Chef event I covered for St. Anthony Hospital. Photography is still being grown as his side-business, but his work shows promise and creativity, so it will be fun to visit and talk shop together.

Hope to hear from some more of you shy blog stalkers if thereโ€™s anything we can help you with!

Oh, if you signed up for the Ed Pierce seminar coming to town today (2/11), and you can make it early, weโ€™re going to grab a bite to eat over at the closest Charlestonโ€™s restaurant there on Meridian near the airport around 4:30โ€ฆ Open invitation! Just let me know so we have enough seating.

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